Tuesday, April 12, 2011

red head

These pictures are very similar to some that I just took, but there is one major difference: These pictures show that yes, in fact, my daughter has RED HAIR. I know that I have red hair, but I never thought that I would get a red head due to the fact that I married a mexican. Who knows if this red hair will last, I hope it will, but even if it doesn't, this is proof that she once had it. You can all say what you will about red heads with hot-tempers, but this red head is perfectly sweet and happy and completely lovable. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

baby blessing

Last month, Christian and I went to Utah to for a ski week with my family. The Peñas were nice enough to come meet us up there over the same weekend so that we could be all be together for Sydney's baby blessing. The whole weekend was so nice and especially the day of her blessing. I don't know if she knew that she was being blessed that day, but from the time she woke up on sunday morning until the time she went to bed, she was sweeter than I think she has ever been in her life. Which is hard to say, because she really is sweet all the time. The blessing was held at Christian's great aunt's house who was nice enough to accomodate all of us. Jeannine (Christian's Mom) and his Grandma put on a beautiful and delicious breakfast for everyone and were lovely hostesses. The blessing was beautiful. Sydney was perfectly quiet through the whole thing so that we could all hear the words of the blessing. We were so happy to have so many people that we love with us that day. And a VERY BIG thank you to Aunt Julianne for taking the pictures! 

I forgot to mention that Sydney was blessed in the same dress that Christian was blessed in. (Yes, Christian was blessed in a dress). Jeannine made the dress from the fabric of her wedding dress. Pretty significant, I would say. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 months old

 Best thing about Sydney these days: SHE LAUGHS. And every time she does it, it shocks me how much I love hearing it. Sydney's favorite things: Sticking her whole fist in her mouth- or trying to at least, baths, her blanket, her binky, making funny cat noises, and OF COURSE, her mom and dad. (that part is questionable, but I like to believe that she knows and loves us as much as we love her.