Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday Night Sofa Surfing

So Christian is into surfing these days. He decided that if he is living in San Diego, there is no way he is not going to get into the sport. He also decided that he is going to practice popping up on his surf board 10 times a day indoors. So last night, he brings his surf board in the house, takes our coach cushions and puts them underneath the board (so as to not mess up his fins) , and got in surfing position. He was in his church clothes until I jokingly suggested that he try on the new board shorts he had gotten this weekend. Before I knew it, he was back in our family room with nothing on but his board shorts paddling on the carpet. He wouldn't let me take a video so I don't have it all in action- which is a total shame, but you can imagine.

Life out of a Suitcase

We have been living a crazy life ever since graduation. There have been so many people who have opened their doors to let us crash in their living rooms during our travels. Thank you to the Smoots, the Samuelians, the Bennions, my parents, and Christian's grandparents. We've had a ball. A little recap of the last month:

April 24th- Road trip to California with the Dyers.
April 25th- Left for Mexico on little cruise with the Dyers and the Checketts.
May 3rd- Flew from California to AZ to spend a few days with Christian's family.
May 6th- Went to Utah to Pack up our apartment.
May 10th- Drove to California with Christian's car and a moving truck (that my angel brother, David, drove the entire way.)
May 11th- Moved into our Apartment in San Diego.
May 15th- Flew to DC to spend a little time with family and celebrate Paul and Whitney's wedding!
May 23rd- Back to San Diego.
May 25th- Drove to LA and spent the night with Grandpa Chris and Grandma Tony.
May 26th- Drove up the PCH all the way to San Francisco to stay with the Bennions.
May 29th- Drove back to San Diego.
And we're to stay! For a while...

We have had so much fun together for the past month. It was fun to see so many family members and friends. It was especially fun to spend every minute with Christian before he started work. I didn't take hardly any pictures, but here are some.

Above: (this is a favorite of mine.- Lauren had a
stomach pains and is laying on the floor of a drug store
in Mexico. HILARIOUS.)

BYU Grads

For some reason I was never that excited about graduating from college. I guess it always felt so far off and a little impossible to do. I never saw myself in a cap and gown in the Marriott Center at BYU. However, just a few short weeks ago, We did it! We are college grads. Not that amazing for most of you out there, and I don't think for Christian either, but I'm pretty excited about it. The whole process was a lot more fun and exciting than I thought it would be. It was especially exciting for my parents that 5 members of my family (1 of those is not so official but we happily claim her) graduated all at the same time. Thank you to our families for being so supportive and excited for us. We had a great graduation weekend because of you!