Monday, August 15, 2011

summer 2011

We have had such a wonderful summer. It ended up that Christian was in between jobs and had about month off, so we went back east and spent time with my family. I was in Maryland for June and New Hampshire for July. - not bad. I couldn't have planned it better.  I was so happy to have so much time with my family. It was so much fun to have Sydney be with all of her little cousins. - I love them all so much I could eat them. 

These are some really random pics from the summer. Why can't I ever just get some good classic pictures on my camera? I guess I should start taking pictures more consistently- that would help. I hope to get some better ones from Julianne sometime soon. 

Sydney LOVED the waterslide

It was so much fun having Chole, Natalie and Brook there with us. I adore them.

No one loves to water slide as much as this guy.

Katherine and little Lauren Lewis

Sara and litte Mary Kate 

love these girls. 

I love sydney so much that I really can't stand it. She is the happiest angel on earth.

Caroline wins the prize for best older cousin in the world. I wish I could fly her to Utah to live with me.

I am obsessed with these two.

Chloe, Natalie, and Brooke are quite the hairstylists- and the little girls LOVED having them do their hair.


cousins camp- more pics to come.

I love this place so much. Can't wait for next year.


  1. So much fun! Your family is the best and I am so happy we were able to come and visit you. Thank you so much for all your hospitality while we were there. It is a memory we will cherish forever. Love the update.

  2. court you look soo good! sydney is a doll she is growing so much!! miss you guys~