Monday, September 12, 2011


She has not mastered the art of crawling quite yet, but slowly and surely she will get there. 


  1. courtney- could you tell me where you got sydney's adorable felt bows? i love them. i've also admired that big pearl bracelet of hers. she is gorgeous. i literally used to pray that my baby girl would have red hair, which, it sometimes looks like she might. sydney is lucky she's got it. she seriously is one of the top 5 cutest babies i've ever seen. hope you're doing well back in utah. much love. -ellery

  2. your baby is ADORABLE. she is a beautiful baby. and i love her bow as well.


  3. i have to ask... where do you get her bows?? they're the cutest thing ever! i don't even have kids but i want to stock up on those cause i'm seriously obsessed! she's beautiful!