Monday, February 28, 2011

a special trip

for Katie's Baptism! This adorable girl dressed in white above is one of Christian's really good friends from Arizona- SUCH a great girl. She has been friends with members of the church for years and years, but has always been very active in her Christian church. However, a few months ago she started learning more about the LDS church and after much study and prayer decided to get baptized! We couldn't miss it- and I'm so glad we didn't. Her baptismal service was so powerful. We are so happy for her. 

We also had a really great time with Christian's family. We went to my favorite place IN the world- La Grande Orange. 

 The cutest Papi in the world. He is CRAZY protective of Sydney, and it's adorable. 

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  1. her hair is really coming in!!!!! can we have a sleep over one night? if so, i promise to wake up with syd and feed her a bottle while you rest your little eyes. how could you pass that up??? i go out the 15th until the 28th. you'll definitely be seeing a lot of me. sledding at deer valley? i think SO!