Monday, February 14, 2011


 Christian had to be away last week for work, so Sydney and I took the opportunity to get away! We hopped on the plane and went home to Maryland to spend the week with sisters, cousins, neices and nephews and my wonderful parents. It was so nice to be there. I think we only left the house twice because it was so cold, but it didn't make one bit of difference to me.  Sydney met a lot of her cousins (not all of them, we are going to see the Bennions next week (!) and she still has to meet her closest cousin, Thomas James Pratt). They were SO cute with her. I love cousins. I love that Sydney is going to have a zillion cousins to be best friends with, look up to, depend on, and confide in. Friends are wonderful, but cousins are sometimes even more wonderful.

Yes, this is how adorable Claire Henriod smiles. 

Sydney's first airplane experience

I had to add these pictures that I took on my phone of Sydney's first airplane ride.  I was so nervous about taking my 5-week-old on a 6 hour flight by myself. SHE WAS PERFECT.


  1. These are so cute... we miss you!

  2. SO MUCH FUN! oh, i wish i was there... she is perfect.

  3. I am slightly obsessed with Claire. Everytime I see her, I have to hold myself back from squeezing her. I think when I finally meet Sydney I will have the same feeling. She is adorable Court. I love the red hair. I can't wait to see you guys.
    Oh, and I owe you a phone call and a gift that I have yet to send.

  4. So many cute kids! Cousins are the best! Little Sydney is so cute and sweet and I can't believe that I missed you! Did you know that I drove to Maryland late Thursday night (for some reason I thought that you were staying through the weekend) and I was SO sad to hear that you had flown out that morning. I missed my chance to hold that new baby. Will you come back soon?

  5. Court!.. I found your blog somehow! Congrats on your baby girl! She is beautiful! I hope all is going well for you guys!