Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Costume Competition

The Parkers (below) have an annual couples Halloween party. Prizes are given out in 7 different categories for costumes.We thought that we were pulling out the big guns with our Ariel and Eric costume and that we were SURE to win in at least ONE category. BUT OH were we wrong! There were some AMAZING costumes to be seen that night. I really under estimated the creativity of these people. Needless to say, we didn't win any prize for costumes, HOWEVER, there was also an incredible scavenger hunt involved in the night, and our group DID win that. Which in my book, is what really counts. (I'm actually just saying that to feel better about our lame costumes).

The Host and Hostess 
(she is actually pregnant and worked her brains out for days on end to put this incredible party on.)

The winners of the "best costume" contest. They are amazing.

Group # 8 - Winners of the Scavenger Hunt.
 Only a few major traffic laws were violated in our efforts to win.

They rented out Eggs in the City (a nearby restaurant) where they had appetizers, dinner, and dessert. 
It was all very delicious!

voting for costume winners.

It was such a fun way to kick off Halloween weekend!


  1. So fun! I love Eggs in the City. Try their biscuits and gravy sometime. btw, I thought your costumes ROCKED!

  2. Holy scandal, Court!! You're gonna have to doing some major explaining to my girls... who are now OBSESSED with your costume. :)

  3. Is that Dan Nebeker that I saw? How funny that you're all friends now. I'm glad you're loving Salt Lake--way to just get in there!

  4. so much fun. I love these pics. You totally down played your costume. it's amazing!. My goodness. You and Christian make quite the pair.