Thursday, November 3, 2011


I think I can speak for Sydney and say that her first halloween was a success. Except, come to think of it, she didn't really eat any candy, so she might be thinking that her first Halloween was actually a total 
rip-off. I guess I'll never know how she truly felt. 

We went with Jylare and Scarlett and some of their friends to Gardner's Village for lunch and 
Halloween festivities during the day. Wish I had more pics, but this is all I got. 

Clayton the Lion and Sydney the cupcake 

I love these two together.

Christian got home late that night from being out of town and came and met up with us while we were trick-or-treating, which explains why he is in his work clothes and not dressed up. 

This sweet couple in our neighborhood make the most AMAZING homemade donuts for Halloween every year. They are famous for them! And they deserve the fame, they were delicious!

I totally opted out of dressing up, lame. 

These two were having a little love fest that night. 

There are a few families in the neighborhood who have an annual caul-de-sac party. They grill hot dogs, brats, have lots of food and cider.  They call it the "Hallowiener", in honor of the hot dogs. 

Sydney and Clayton's trick or treating after party!

I was such a bad trick or treating hostess! I left in a hurry and forgot to even put candy on the doorstep! So when we pulled up to our house at like 9:30, these three adorable trick or treaters were standing on our doorstep. From my car window I yelled, "don't go away!  we have LOTS of candy for you!" When Christian started pouring an entire bowl of candy into each of their bags, they got the most shocked looks on their faces and started speaking spanish as fast as they could to each other. It was awesome. 

So cheers to a really great Halloween!


  1. She is the cutest cupcake I have EVER seen!!!! Love her, love you! Xo

  2. Sydney is the cutest little cupcake! I can't believe your neighbors are the Fultons! Their son and daughter-in-law (Adam and Adrianne) are our friends. What a small world. I have heard all about Jeanine's cooking. Those donuts look delicious. We really miss you guys!