Thursday, December 8, 2011

thanksgiving break

We went to Maryland for a week to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I love Maryland in the fall. Especially when it is thanksgiving and my whole family is there. 

meeting little baby jane smoot
spending a day with julianne in vienna
a birthday dinner with the ashley, ashley, & ashleigh
dessert night with all of my sisters
moon bounce gym with all the cousins
running an unexpected 6.2 miles in the turkey trot with my pregnant cousin, who rocked it.
thanksgiving at the barn
black friday shopping with my sisters, which included a flash mob at 3am.
duck pin bowling
intense go-carting 
a day in arlington with the lucias
going to the temple with all of my siblings and parents.

We started a new tradition about 5 years ago to have thanksgiving out at the farm. It is definitely one of my new favorite holiday traditions. Everything about being there for thanksgiving just feels appropriate.

please don't mind Sydney's VERY dirty face.


BKP being funny.

out to lunch with the Lucias & the Smoots.
 (the Smoots just left before we took the pic, oops.)

It was a great thanksgiving week!


  1. What a good looking group! My goodness! Love the pic of you and Whit too. And that side braid... amazing!

  2. What a fun thanksgiving! Glad the 4 of us got a pic together. Give little syd some loves for me.

  3. Have I ever told you how good looking your husband is?

    Love you court. You're a beaut.