Thursday, April 5, 2012

Christmas & Sydney's birthday in no particular order and four months late

The title of this post says way too much. It says, "yep, Courtney, you gave in. You did exactly what you said you weren't going to do when you found out you were pregnant." - " I will never let my child's birthday get overlooked because it is right around Christmas!!! NEVER!" But I did. We ate cake. Thats what we did.  I was going to have a birthday party, but I thought "Who honestly wants to come to ANOTHER party 2 seconds after Christmas?? NO ONE. so opted out.  And did I get good pics of her bday? NOPE. Didn't do that either. I don't even have one pic of my daughter wearing a birthday hat that says "1". Wait, correction, I didn't even HAVE a 1 year old birthday hat, nor did I take a pic of her wearing it.  Wow, I'm starting to be sad about this a little bit. BUT you know what?? OH WELL. She is happy, and we're happy, and thats all that matters. But I am promising to myself, that next year, and every year after that- she will have great birthdays and she will know that the day she came to our lives was the greatest day we've ever known. 

The Jensen's (my SIL's family) were nice enough to invite us for Christmas Eve dinner. 

We really had a great Christmas season, but not too many pictures to prove it. Why do I stink so much at taking pictures??? Maybe I'll make that my new year's resolution next year!


  1. So glad to see you updated! I miss you and sydney so much! She is so so so cute. And don't worry about her birthday, it's overrated anyway (sh don't tell Savannah!) But seriously, Sav had no clue what was going on, it was more for me than for her probably anyway. You are an amazing mom and i am sure she will have great birthday parties in the future. But, look at that cake you made! she looks so happy! Also, your Christmas tree turned out gorgeous.... and that mirrored dresser! love it! Miss you guys! Btw thanks again for the baby advice. ok this novel of a comment needs to end. Love you!

  2. Ditto everything Crystal said. You are a bomb mom. "Bomb Mom"-- a term I just made up, means you are Da Bomb as a Mom. You still don't get it? Well then, you're an idiot. JK!

    I miss you so much. I am already looking forward to our cabin sleepover, walk to stewart falls, and a pool day.