Monday, April 5, 2010


When I think of Easter, I think of easter dresses. I think of easter egg hunts, eating dinner outside surrounded by cherry blossoms, the smell of green grass, and spring blooming everywhere. More importantly, I also think about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, his atonement, and the blessing that it is in my life. Thankfully, yesterday we listened to General conference and heard many talks on Jesus Christ and were filled spiritually. However, I woke up on Easter morning to fresh snow on the ground, cloudy skies, winter clothes, dead grass, bare branches, and what felt like freezing temperatures. I was just a little disappointed. Luckily, all was not lost. Easter was saved by Christian's Grandma, who had us over to decorate Easter eggs and for a delicious Easter breakfast, and the Dyer's who invited for a fun Easter dinner with family and friends. Despite the winter weather, it ended up being a wonderful day.

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  1. wish i could have seen him trying to catch the duck. Remember the great Easter message you gave last year and you did a day with Christ leading up to it. I still have those.