Monday, April 19, 2010

Goodbye Provo!

We had our final provo dessert party last night. A little bit heart breaking, but a little bit exciting. I can't believe how many people we love here and how much we will miss everyone. To end things right, Christian put together a few "minute to win it" games to play (Minute to Win It is a game show on sunday nights at 7 on NBC - you should really check it out- its pretty awesome). We had a few great contestants last night, but Jonathan Pratt did an exceptional job winning the game "junk in the trunk". The object of the game is to get 8 ping pong balls out of an empty kleenex box that is suspended to your belt. Check out the video below for his live performance. (I apologize for the sideways video.)



  1. how fun! I am going to be sad for you to leave provo just because i miss it, but i know you two will have so much fun on your new adventure! LOVE YOU! ps- have you been back to anthro recently? GUILTY!

  2. Such a fun night! I will miss you guys sooo much! Thanks for being so inclusive of me and morgan always. you guys are the best neighbors we will ever have! LOVE YOU!

  3. last night was so much fun! it was neat to look around and see how many great friends you have. such an honor!

  4. SO SO SO Funny!! That video of Jay is hysterical!! You guys are the "funnest".

  5. oh it was a great night, i loved it! thanks for throwing such a fabulous party! and cant wait to take a picture of your pictures! im loving your blog by the way...