Tuesday, April 13, 2010


BYU senior night was a HIT. David, Karla, Christian and I- the four almost BYU grads - took full advantage of all that was going on in the Wilk last friday night. Christian was in rare form (well, not that rare) but was cracking me up. He was running around trying to enter into every raffle, collecting all the give-aways, and participating in every activity available. He was all business when it came to the raffle. Christian was asking people for their raffle tickets when he saw them leaving early, making us split up to go to each raffle drawing not a minute late, and making loud disappointing noises every time he was "so close" but didn't win. I can't give him a hard time for it though, because I was PRETTY PSYCHED when my number was called for the racquet ball rackets, balls, and goggles. When I say "my", I mean the person who's number I was holding who had just left. I felt like a million bucks running down the aisle past hundreds of students in the WSC ballroom holding up my ticket. I will say though, that I was a little disappointed that they didn't even want to check my number to make sure I wasn't lying. It kinda made it less of an accomplishment, and I was tempted to run up there with my non-winning ticket for the knife set prize. They wouldn't have even checked. I should have done it, and I think I would have, but Christian said "no, Courtney" when I asked.

I can't believe our BYU days are really almost over. We've loved it here.

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  1. great post. love it all! especially christian's little hip shake at the end of his performance :)