Thursday, March 25, 2010

Family Ski Week 2010

There is almost nothing better than skiing with my family. All 32 of us were at Alta last week AND IT WAS AWESOME. It was crazy to see my little neices and nephews skiing with eachother, flying through the Albion trails and owning them. I remember so clearly the days when all my little cousins and I were flying through those same trails at their same ages. Time goes by too fast. I am so grateful to my parents for teaching us to ski at such a young age and making it such a meaningful family activity. Family ski week is officially the best tradition we have.

Some great pictures from the week...


  1. It seems you had the best time! Your children are cute and you guys look great with the glasses. These traditions are the best by far. This year me and my family are going to have a las leñas winter 2010 in Argentina. They say those mountains are awesome!
    Tell you later...