Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Provo 2009-2010

I love Provo. There, I said it. I am so glad that Christian and I got to spend one more year here. We are graduating in 2 months, and it's definitely a bitter-sweet thing. We've had so much fun this year spending time with our friends and enjoying BYU. I wish I had pictures of all that we've done, but I've been horrible about taking pictures this year. Let me share some of the highlights:
Wednesday night girl's dinners
PBR in Vegas with the Checketts
Late night Glee parties at the Samuelians
#1 employee of Polka Dot Pots for 3 straight months
Conference weekend with Dad and the Checketts
Christmas party in Park City
Skiing at Sundance
Valentines weekend in Vegas with the Samuelians
Half-marathon training with the girls
Dinners at the Dyers
Living close to David and Karla
Skiing in Jackson Hole
Watching movies in our apartment on the floor
Spending time with Jay and Shannon
Ashley's 24th birthday party
Wing Nutz
and more....
We are going to miss Provo. We are working on a "things to do before we leave Provo list" and we plan on doing all of them. I'll be better about taking pictures. Until then, here are some that I do have from this year.