Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Road-trip to California

10:00am Friday Morning:

Christian: “Courtney, what are we doing this weekend?”

Me: “Nothing.”

Christian: “Lets go to California right now.”

Me: “Done.”

We were in the car headed south on I-15 45 minutes later. By 9:00pm that night we were kicking it with The Smoots. (Julianne and I were both wondering why we don’t do this more often! We are just a short drive away from each other. ) On Saturday Christian and I went down to San Diego to check it out. We looked for a place to live, visited Christian’s future place of work, and drove all over downtown La Jolla. We quickly fell in love with San Diego. Thank you to the Smoots for taking us in on such short notice and spending the weekend with us! We love you!

( I pulled out my camera to take our first picture of the trip, about 45 minutes into our drive, and I had forgotten the memory card at home! I was so time, I guess).


  1. how fun! i love being so spontaneous, and its great to be that way in a marriage! it was so fun to see you guys tonight, and im so happy you guys have a blog now! we will stay in way better touch now:) you two are darling, and i really think the world you! lets get together again soon my dear!

  2. "california... knows how to party..."

    Thanks for coming!